Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Goodbye [DB], Hello Crunchyroll!

To [DB]:

Thanks for almost five years of quality entertainment.
Because you guys and guys like you subbed all this time, we now have legal ways to get our fix. I just signed up with crunchyroll -- they've got a $20 off promo right now, but I politely declined it and paid the full $59 for a year.

Thank you for all of your hard work. Thank you for making this possible. Thank you for making this POPULAR.
Thank you for clogging teh intartubes with petabytes of anime. Thank you for the fakesubs, the trollsubs, your sense of humor, and not taking crap. Thank you for running a tracker that handles torrents with 5000 seeders and 12000 peers. Thank you for spending your time. Thank you for spending your money.
And most of all -- Thank you for spending your lives.


-- Kami, a happy anime fanatic

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