Saturday, May 30, 2015

Kamikazi downloads may go away soon...

Howdy all. After reading the various threads on Riddell's dismissal, I've sent the following email to canonical via their web form. Since I didn't get a CC from the form, I'll have to reproduce it here.


After reading the email threads around Riddell's dismissal on lwn, I'm now quite fearful for my project, Kamikazi, which is a remix of the Lubuntu ISO with the Xen hypervisor packages integrated. If my reading of the IP policy is correct, "and will need to recompile the source code to create your own binaries", my 'open source' project is now totally worthless and apparently even illegal to redistribute?

How much of Lubuntu do I have to remove? Do I have to remove every reference to Ubuntu including the lubuntu-* packageset and remove Ubuntu's logos and trademarked imagery even in places like about dialogs and generated HTML documentation?!

Half of my embedded Linux single board computers like the Odroid C1 and my raspberry pis run Lubuntu, and it's most certainly not from canonical sources...

I'm currently at a loss on how to legitimately  continue my project without infringing, and throwing away two years worth of work figuring out how casper and the whole ISO system works...

Please let me know the list of packages from the lubuntu-14.10-amd64.iso that I must rebuild or replace (preferably not on a legal letterhead -- I can barely afford to eat, let alone pay any legal bills) and if I truly need to rebuild every single binary in every single .deb and if that would include the .debs made available in various PPAs as well, or if I need to completely cease and desist with my project...


So far, I've only received an automated response from the form posting.
Depending on the result; I may have to stop providing prebuilt kamikazi images and instead provide a set of scripts and an original lubuntu ISO with which to modify yourself.

Either way, I have no choice in the matter of stopping the project itself; it is a freight train that will overcome all obstacles somehow. Until I receive a response, the kamikazi ISO and USB image is still available for download at the links from the github repository.

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